Beantown Coffee Co. is a café located in the city of Woodstock, Ontario. Here you can get your coffee or tea and accompany it with their desserts and other pastries. Gluten-free, plant-based and dairy-free options are available for their customers to enjoy.

Watch the video to learn more about this local business and its amazing owner!


( upbeat music )
( car horn honks )
( Lo-Fi, slow music plays )
My name is Janet Meadows and I am the owner of Beantown Coffee 
in Woodstock

I love being part of the Woodstock community

The support that we’ve had here has been phenomenal

Is an amazing feeling to…know most of your costumers
by name

To know a lot about themselves and their families
and what is going on in their lives

People come in and…we’re talking about books that we are reading
or something that’s happened to them recently

I look at it as being a little hub…
you know, coffee brings people together

I really do…love the conversation and the laughter

At Beantown, we offer drip coffee

We have three suppliers of coffee: Las Chicas, Early Bird and Kintore

We also a lovely variety of loose leaf teas

We do like to have a nice variety of baking available

And again…that is something that we keep very local

We also have a…nice selection of gluten-free products

We carry the plant-inspired yoga cookies and energy bites

And we have also now started carrying…Badass Baker’s cookies
and dunkaroo blondies as well

So we have some options there for everyone

( coffee preparation process is shown )
( ground coffee falling sounds )

We also have… cappuccinos and lattes and
quite an extensive menu of specialty drinks

We also have quite a few options for alternative milk.
We provide soy, almond, cashew and oat milk

We also support a lot of other small businesses within Beantown

Everything we do here is local, so when you buy from Beantown
you’re not just supporting my family, you are also supporting other families

Whether it is through… local honey, local maple syrup

So that’s pretty nice, 
if you support Beantown, you are also supporting other families as well

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