Follow through with the things you start and don’t take chances you can’t afford to lose on…

Todd Pearson, Kintor Coffee Co.
Todd Pearson, owner of Kintor Coffee Co
Todd Pearson, Owner of Kintor Coffee Co.


Todd Pearson, the owner of Kintore Coffee Co, has enjoyed travelling to other regions and drinking the many delicious brands of coffee being served. After returning home from these areas, Todd realized that there was a definite need for fresh, high-quality coffee to be introduced to the communities around Oxford County. 

Kintore Coffee Co. is a small grassroots company that specializes in roasting coffee from all over the globe. Todd has had the fortune to travel to some of the best coffee farms in the world and was inspired to introduce those same rich, bold flavours to local communities.

Todd says that the best advice he has received is to follow through with the things you start. He says he was told to focus and to “fake it till you make it,” which means that you don’t have to know every single detail when making a decision. If a great opportunity comes up, take the chance and do it. Just be smart about it and don’t take chances you can’t afford to lose on.

Kintore coffee is now sold in businesses all over southern Ontario, in the GTA and as far north as Huntsville. You can even order online! Recently, Todd has also opened up an intimate cafe where local residents can enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee along with some good company.


Todd has been overwhelmed by the support he has received from locals. From his customers to other small businesses that carry and/or serve his coffee to those organizations that helped him get started and learn about running a business, he is eternally grateful. Now more than ever it is critically important to support small businesses.

When asked what he wanted his customers to know, Todd said that he would like to let everyone know that he appreciates their support and that he now has free home delivery in all of Oxford County and its surrounding areas.

You can find Kintore Coffee at 117 Huron St., Embro, ON, give them a call at 519-859-4243 or send an email to You can visit to learn more.

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