When in need of supplies for repairing equipment or someone to service it, Kauffmann Service and Supply is the local business for you. Located in the corner of Highway 59 and Loveys Street, Kevin and his team are ready to help you with the maintenance of farm equipment and to find any hardware item you require. Learn more in the video!


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Hi, I am Kevin Kaufmann from Kaufmann Service & Supply, Hickson, Ontario

Kaufmann started as…sort of a continuation of the former company ST Loveys Limited

We’ve been in Hickson for approximately a hundred years

We took the two locations from ST Loveys in town

We renovated the shop here at corner

Since then we’ve been running everything out of our corner location here on Highway 59

Here at Kaufmann’s we try and serve the rural community as best as we can

We have full service department

We repair…cars, trucks…tractors, trailers

We are a licensed inspection station as well

In our retail store…we are what I like to refer to as a farm hardware store

We have the repair parts and supplies…to help…everyday on the farm

The industries we serve here primarily are agriculture, 
but we also deal with some trucking companies

We are doing your service on your vehicle, your breaks…

Steering suspension, tires, tune-ups…
general repairs, anything like that, we can handle that for your

We also do repairs on farm equipment.
Welding services on site

Here we carry a lot of the repair parts that are needed

As far as bearings, roller chains, sprockets, hydraulic hoses

We also sell parts here…tractor parts or equipment parts

Miscellaneous hardware items, belts, chains…plumbing parts, water vaults.
Anything like that

It’s…just nice knowing that you could help people and keep them going

They trust you…and keep coming back

Most of my customers, when they walk in the door, I can call them by name


…I know them, I know their kids, I know their wives

Like…we have…a relationship

If by chance something breaks down on…a night or a weekend

And, it’s…

…Just critical, we will come and help them

If you call us or come in, and you don’t know what you need…

…Or don’t know what to call something…

We can sort it out

We are located in Hickson, Ontario

At the corner of Loveys Street and Highway 59

And our phone number is 519-462-2234

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