Harnessing Your ADHD Strengths

Feb 23, 2021 - 2:00pm

Unmanaged strengths can become impairments. Managed ADHD symptoms become strengths you can harness to excel and succeed in your business or career.

This presentation will demonstrate how each typical ADHD symptom is a strength when harnessed and managed. We will show how to identify your ADHD impairments, find strategies to manage them to be your strengths. Once identified and you are aware, you can coordinate your efforts, energy and time to work within your ADHD strengths.

What you get in 2 Hours:
– Overview of typical ADHD symptoms and their impairments,
– Real examples of how my ADHD impairments sabotaged my growth,
– Real examples of strategies I created to work with my ADHD strengths,
– Hand out and tools to use during the workshop,
– You will create your ADHD strength highlights,
– You will generate strategies to work within your ADHD strengths more,
– You will gain clarity on your ADHD strengths.