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The SoilOptix® system is a passive, non-contact sensor that detects the soils’ natural decay and the radiation which it emits. Coupling this stable soil measurement with lab results from physical soil samples collected after the survey is completed, SoilOptix® delivers up to 30 different soil layers with a resolution of 335 data points per acre, or a point every 11 1/2 feet (3 1/2 meters). Farmers, agronomists and crop consultants can utilize this data to develop variable rate prescriptions for fertilizing or seeding, use as a comparative element for yield deficiencies or over producing areas, or as an informative tool for managing water resources within the field using the texture and water relevant layers exported. Located in the charming town of Tavistock, ON, SoilOptix Inc. and its dynamic team of 13 has been getting world-wide attention for the innovation and research of the SoilOptix® system. SoilOptix® became a dream back in 2017 with the goal to aid in growers’ knowledge of their soil with the potential of a strong and healthy increased crop yield. With a valuable team with various expertise, SoilOptix® was able to grow not only nationally but internationally and creating strong partnerships with leading agricultural companies in the growth of precision agriculture. SoilOptix® is now available in more than 12 countries worldwide, with expectations of continued growth in the coming years.

Products & Services: High resolution topsoil mapping technology service.

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