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Ranch Hand 4 Rent is a unique rent a husband business. All those jobs you haven’t been able to convince your husband to complete I can tackle for you. The list of services is endless. From ranch and farm maintenance, including installation and repair of fences and electric waterers, barn, shed and garage teardowns and rebuilds. That barn door that never closes properly, I can fix that for you. The pile of scrap or brush that’s been making you crazy, I can clean that up for you. I’ve helped people fix broken sidewalks, installed their garden edging, helped a woman fix her husbands memorial plot, built a fellow a custom live edge book shelf, made a nature lover happy by building her custom owl boxes, birdhouses and squirrel houses. You name it – I can help you with it. And, you don’t have to live on a farm to hire Ranch Hand 4 Rent, I can fix the same issues for you whether you are a rural or urban dweller. A lifetime of being a handy husband, owning horses and a ranch has led me to the perfect retirement career. For now my wife’s To Do List is caught up, so now’s the time to call to get your To Do List completed. Call Ranch Hand 4 Rent and let’s get started!

Products & Services: Owl Nesting Boxes, Bird Houses, Squirrel Houses, Antique barn board custom work, Equestrian Mounting Blocks, Planters, Bookshelves and so much more.

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