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ignite! is a little umbrella for some BIG and wonderful community business branches. Using the S.P.A.R.K philosophy (Service, Performance, Art Opportunities, Real Life Experience, Kindness Initiatives) we are a group of dynamic, inspirational people spreading light, love, laughter and positivity!

Sharing the magic of Art with 3AplsHi Art! Painting Parties, Fire Art, Seasonal decor and Doggie art for sale. Everyone is Art-ABLE and we love to help new artists create. Fire Art is new and HOT! One of a kind creations ~ made by you! individual painting sessions or group up to 10 ~ Let’s create together!

Make time to relax and unwind! Student RMT is here to massage your knots away with Wynn’ing Massage! Wynne comes to your home and offers professional relaxation massage while learning and working just like a Registered Massage Therapist.

Need some uplifting, fun and out-of-the-box presenters? As a group of women we offer a variety of topics to help you grow, love, laugh and inspire more! Speaker series geared to any age, any walk of life, to help you learn to l<3ve yourself more. Add in a little yoga and laughter and you and your group will have a great afternoon (or day) with us leaving your cup full! Come ignite! Your Passion, Your Creativity, Your Spirit and Your Community with us!

Products & Services: Painting Parties, Seasonal decor, Art pieces, Relaxation Massages, Workshops

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153 Fyfe Avenue
Woodstock, ON N4S 3S8

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Wenday Lemanski-Killing

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