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Action Wellness Centre is the best kept secret in Oxford County! A place where sensitivity and wellness matters.
A hidden gem where you can REJUVENATE your mind body and soul. Naturally assist respiratory ailments, skin condtions and overall wellbeing in our Himalayan Salt Cave. Cleanse the body of heavy leads and toxins in our Infrared Sauna, a humidity free heat that assists joint and muscle pain and boosts the metabolism. Or rest your extremitities on our glowing himalayan salt blocks and relax as you experience detoxification and pain relief with our Hand and Foot Detox. Find food grade salt , lamps, scrub bars, shot glasses, grilling planks and so much more in our salt store.
REDEFINE your look and style. Enter our Wig showroom to view and try on fashionable wigs or hairpieces in synthetic and human hair. We also offer a variety of stylish head wear. Free consultations are available for our hair and scalp health programs for all scalp ailments : Eczema, psoriasis, chemotherapy, localized hair loss amd more.
We have trained fitters in our Lingerie/Mastectomy Boutique. Whether its a bra, swimwear, tank tops, sports bras and mastectomy supplies we will help you find the right fit. We offer private consultations and fitting rooms.
We have a full service hair salon too ! Cuts, cololur, perms, wigs and hairpieces are all available services.
Come see our Orthopedic footwear as well as our footcare product options.
And we carry an array of jewellery: fashion, sterling silver, gold and gemstones.

Products & Services: Wigs, hair pieces & accessories, head coverings. Bras, swimwear, athletic wear, prosthesis. Natural hair care products. Jewellery. Pink Salt, lamps, scrub bars etc. Hair salon, lingerie fitters, wig services, Salt Cave, Infrared Sauna, Hand/Foot Detox.

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225 Main Street
Woodstock N4S 1T1
Mon: OPEN-9:00 - CLOSE-5:00Tue: OPEN-9:00 - CLOSE-5:00Wed: OPEN-9:00 - CLOSE-5:00Thu: OPEN-9:00 - CLOSE-5:00Fri: OPEN-9:00 - CLOSE-5:00Sat: OPEN-9:00 - CLOSE-1:00

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Suzy Fisher

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Emily Young

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