When a tree comes to the end of its life, I can help it live on in your home…

Daniel West, Big Ass Slabs
Daniel West, Owner of Big Ass Slabs Woodswork, leaning against a tree
Daniel West, Owner of Big Ass Slabs


Just four short years ago, Daniel West was working for a neighbouring farmer doing some milling work. Today, he is the owner of “Big Ass Slabs”, a thriving business with over 600 pieces of live edge wood in his climate-controlled shack with slabs. They range in size from charcuterie board pieces to slabs large enough for tabletops.

Daniel doesn’t cut trees down but he does salvage urban logs. He cuts, dries and surfaces the slabs for his woodworking clients and can also dry and surface wood for other people.

Stored in his Slab Shack are all shapes and sizes of wood in oak, maple, ash, walnut, beech and cherry just to name a few.

While Daniel uses his 4′ and 5′ Alaskan mills and various other tools to produce his inventory, much of the work is done by hand with a series of pulleys and rollers.

The other side of Daniel’s work is timber framing. The applications for this are generally outdoor structures like gazebos. 

Daniel West standing on top of a large piece of wood for woodwork project.
Daniel West cutting a large slab of wood

He started the business to gain some financial independence and control and provide good quality wood products and services to his clients. 

When asked what he’s learned along the way, Daniel says he found out how quickly money can disappear. He discovered that he needed some serious reserves to be able to get his business off the ground and functioning. 


One of the best pieces of advice that Daniel follows is to work smart and value his time. He says he never spends days of time to save a few dollars. He can’t remember if he was told that or if he came up with that on his own, but it has definitely been a golden rule for him.

We asked Daniel what he would like his customers to know about him. He wants them to know that he is here to help them at any stage of their woodworking project; from a tree outside of their home to a piece of heirloom furniture inside their home. 

Daniel probably said it best when he said “When a tree comes to the end of its life, I help it live on in your home.”

You can find Big Ass Slabs at 235606 23rd Line, Thamesford, ON, call them at 519-777-8343 or email them to bigassslabs@gmail.com. You can also visit Daniel’s online store at bigassslabs.shop