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Sarah Pimentel, Beaches N’ Dreams Tanning Salon
Sarah Pimentel, owner of Beaches N' Dreams Tanning Salon
Sarah Pimentel, owner of Beaches N’ Dreams Tanning Salon


Sarah Pimentel, the owner of Beaches N’ Dreams in Woodstock, says that when the opportunity came here to purchase her tanning salon, she had to jump on it and has never looked back. Sarah says the business opportunity was presented to her amongst friends by the previous owner and it just felt right.

She also says that, although she is an entrepreneur, she is first the mother of three beautiful children (two daughters and a stepson) and a wife to her best friend.

When asked what the biggest lesson is that she’s learned from starting her own business, she says that it’s a few things really. Sarah says, “Being a business owner is hard; it’s 24-7 and it’s always teaching me new things.” 

Beaches n’ Dreams is a full-service tanning salon, fully equipped with UV tanning equipment and a spray tanning booth. They have a “Fit Body Wrap” with infrared technology that aids in detox, weight loss and can bring many other benefits. Additionally, the salon carries a variety of lotion products specially formulated for indoor and sunless tanning. Sarah says that using these products saves her customers time and money while adding moisture to their skin to keep it healthier by counteracting the drying effects associated with tanning and everyday elements.


Sarah is a firm believer that you get what you give. She says she is constantly reminding herself how lucky she is to have the clientele that she does. She takes great care in ensuring that they get the best care possible. 

Her salon is “Smart Tan” certified which means that she and her staff are trained in everything from how to tan responsibly to how to properly clean the equipment and the facility. She takes great pride in doing the very best for everyone who walks through her door.

Sarah wants her clients to know she appreciates them and knows that if it wasn’t for them, she wouldn’t be able to keep her doors open. You can find Beaches n’ Dreams at 220 Springbank Ave in Woodstock, ON and you can also call 519-539-4826 or send an email to info@beacheswoodstock.com

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