Ana Ritsma, owner of the bakery Ana's Kitchen, in front of her store in Tavistock.
Ana’s strong family values and passion for baking blend together to create a delightful experience for bakery visitors. 


During a time when many businesses were struggling, Ana Ritsma took the plunge and opened her very own bakery, located in Tavistock, Ontario. Lucky for her, a family member had a commercial space available and the rest as they say, is history. 

While she is currently open 3 days a week, Ana says her biggest surprise is how opening a business is always more work than you initially expect. She finds herself in the kitchen baking 6 to 7 days a week, sometimes putting in 14 – 16 hour days. Her family supports her and many of them work at the bakery as well. Her favourite time is when her granddaughter comes to visit to get “treats”. 

Ana says her best piece of business advice came from her first job. She worked in a fast food restaurant where she quickly worked her way up to assistant manager. There she learned to put herself in her customers’ shoes, own up to her mistakes and make it right when she made them. 

Though she seldom makes mistakes now, she uses the lessons learned to make sure her current customers are always happy and satisfied when they leave her store. 

Ana’s bakery is full of delicious breads, tea biscuits, muffins, cakes, pies and much more. She even has a refrigerator of main course meals that can range from cannelloni to pulled pork and other tasty meals. 

Of course what Ana is famous for is her delicious coffee cake that you will want to be sure you purchase in the large size. In fact, Ana always says to buy the large and then also purchase a single size to eat in the car on your way home. 


Ana has been baking her famous coffee cake recipe for over 20 years! 

When asked what she wanted her customers to know, Ana said that they mean everything to her. She enjoys getting to know them and wants to make sure that what they buy is worth every penny. She is proud to serve them and is also proud of her family and the support they give her. Her business is truly one family taking care of so many others. 

You can find Ana’s Kitchen at 55 Woodstock St North, Unit 4, Tavistock, ON. If you prefer, give them a call at 519-655-6822 or visit to learn more.

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